Thursday, July 8, 2010

1 Pharast, AR 4710

The thieves didn't stand a chance! We've got two of them still alive, Uncle Colden, Bee, and Kimber are discussing how to interrogate them right now while they're passed out, so I've only got time for a real quick entry. The bandits showed up an hour after dawn, like Oleg said they would, and there were only four of them. We hid until they were all in the middle of the outpost, and sprung the trap.

I got one of them right in the chest with a crossbow bolt, and called the leader a "bugbear-brained Nymph chaser" which would have worked, except the stupid Elf stood up too early and drew their attention. One of them managed to hit me hard with a bolt, but tough as I am I kept on fighting. We closed in on them and I knocked one of them clean out with a Color Spray so Bee could behead him. They managed to hurt Oleg pretty good, but we defeated them regardless and the Elf used Abadar's blessings to heal our wounds almost instantly.

Oh, looks like they've got one of the bandits' heads in a sack and they're tying him up. I can't miss out on this!

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