Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 Pharast, AR 4710

More boring grasslands, but at least we're almost done exploring this area. Today we found a small patch of trees and bushes, which was littered with bones. All of the others were scared by the sight of the bones, so I ended up being the one who marched bravely forward to see if there was anything interesting to be found here.

A MASSIVE spider jumped out from it's covered tunnel and took a chunk out of my arm! The thing was bigger than I am, must have weighed over 100 pounds, with nasty, vemon-drenched fangs, 100s of tiny black eyes, and covered in dense, black hair.

Most of the others probably would have fainted from fear, pain, or blood loss. Truth be told, I kind of locked up, the world started spinning...but instinctively, re-actively I spoke the words and paralyzed it with an especially potent Coinfoot Colour Blaste. While Ha'brar mended my wound, Bee skewered the thing (rendered helpless, of course, by my spell) right through! I guess we've got a use for her after all....

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