Tuesday, July 6, 2010

26 Calistril, AR 4710

I can hardly sleep! It's well into the early morning, and tomorrow, Uncle Colden and I depart for the south, for the Greenbelt, for adventure. He found and signed up for a charter issued by the Swordlords, which grants him land and the right to rule it, and all we have to do is clear out a few ruffians and it's all ours! Or rather, his, he kept saying, but I know he was just excited and he'll share.

We're going to meet up with a few others who will be joining us, but he said that they were no more than glorified bodyguards. I've never had a bodyguard, but they sound fun to play tricks on.

Speaking of pranks, Uncle Colden and I seem to get along just fine! I knew he was a trickster, but he told me a few stories about how he had done all sorts of hilarious pranks that they didn't even know were him, because he used a bunch of other people's names, like how he convinced a Brevoy couple that he was a minister, married them for a small coin fee, and left before they found out! I've got so much to learn from him about what makes a good joke, I can't wait.

He didn't say why he wanted me to join him, but I'm guessing it's because he heard about me. The older folks' around town are always talking about me and my practical jokes, it's a wonder he didn't come for my help sooner.

My parents didn't mind letting me go, they said they couldn't handle the reputation I had around town, and that the other adults never talked to them about anything but my pranks. I didn't know they were so jealous but at least now they can get some attention to themselves.

I'll probably be too busy to write here for a few days, but when I have time I'll be sure to write all the details of my first adventure.

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