Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day of the Vernal Equinox, AR 4710

Today SHOULD have been a day of celebration, relaxation, and festivities. Back in Redwall, it would have been, anyway. Instead, we walked. Walk walk walk walk walk, it's all adventuring heroes seem to do. We finally got to where we are going at least, but I'd be gladder if it wasn't such a depressing place.

Oleg is the name of the human that runs the outpost, and he is even more dour than the female human we've been traveling with. I'd suggest they get married, except Oleg already has a wife, with some weird name, Svetlana I think. Oleg is like a grumpy, crazy old man, except he isn't all that old or crazy, which I've always assumed was the reason that crazy old men were grumpy. I guess the reason for THAT is because of the thieves that have been harassing him. Turns out we showed up just in the nick of time, because they come on the first of every month to take his money and trading goods.

Because they're so predictable, we're going to lay a trap. Yours truly is going to lure them into a small gap between buildings with a well-placed insult and a even more well-placed crossbow bolt. Once they get in, I'll bedazzle them out of their senses, and then the human woman (found out her name was Bee by the way) can take care of the messy work. Only way I could imagine it going wrong is if Bee isn't up to the challenge, so we'll see just how big and strong she is tomorrow.

In the mean time, I get to eat a good meal for the first time since we left! Svetlana is an alright cook and made us all dinner. We've got rooms to sleep in, too, but I suspect I won't need one for long. Once I've defeated some bandit kings, and maybe stolen the treasure from a tribe of Kobolds or two, I'll have my own mansion built to sleep in.

Tomorrow's my first real day of adventure (since I don't count ALL THE WALKING) so I'd better rest up. Ooooh, I can't wait!

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