Wednesday, July 7, 2010

28 Calistril, AR 4710

I wonder why none of the great hero stories told of the remarkable amount of WALKING the hero has to do when setting out. It's so boring! And up until after lunch time today, it was just Uncle Colden and I, nobody to play tricks on. He sure likes to talk about gold, but it gets a little bit boring after a while. All his pranks and tricks seem to involve it, and he says I should do the same, so I guess it must be pretty nice to have.

Anyway, earlier we met up with a big group of people, must have been twenty or more, all sorts of types. There were wizards in robes and funny hats, Dwarves wearing so much armor you couldn't see anything but their face, barbarians, and more. All of them were here for the same reason we are, and we all got split up into groups and given our own areas to clear and claim.

The rest of our group seems...alright. We've got an Elf that isn't like any Elf I've ever met; he speaks and moves more rigidly, with none of the glee and beauty I know from the few Elves I've met before. He calls himself a Priest of Abadar, who sounds like a completely dull god if you ask me. Maybe a few pranks will lighten his mood? I think his name was Ka'tar, or Ha'trar, or something like that. I had a hard time listening to him drone on and on about the good it'll do to tame these 'wild lands' and bring real civilization to them. WHO CARES?!

Then there was a human female who carried around a big axe-looking thing. Couldn't get much out of her, when I tried to ask her name, she just said, "Shove off, lawn ornament." I don't think she likes me, and she looks mean, so I'm going to avoid her. Uncle Colden says she'll make a fine worker when it's time for us to gather slaves to build his castle, but I know he's kidding; he's too nice a guy to take a slave.

Lastly, there was an Orc looking guy who had a pet panther! I didn't get the kittys name but he calls himself Kimber. He seems suspicious, but he knew the way and he even hunted down a small deer for us to eat for supper tonight. When I used some magic to tug on his ear and make it sound like somebody was whispering in it at the same time, he practically jumped out of his armor and screamed, "DAMNED DIRTY FEY!" at the top of his lungs, it was SO FUNNY! I think he's going to be my favorite to play jokes on, and I think the panther cub likes me too.

Well, I'm starting to get a headache from writing by my Light spell, so I'm going to turn in for the night. We're supposed to arrive at the trading outpost that will serve as a base in three days, on the Vernal Equinox at that! The Equinox means only 39 days until my birthday, but it's only my 43rd, so it's not a very big deal. Goodnight.

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