Wednesday, July 14, 2010

10 Pharast, AR 4710

We've had a busy last few days, but I'll try to remember everything that happened. I need to make sure to write more frequently, says Uncle Colden, or else some of his deeds might go forgotten. I think he meant my deeds, but he definitely talks about himself a lot.

Five days ago, we returned to Oleg's to resupply ourselves, and lighten the load from the few things of value we'd found. The guards that he had sent for finally arrived, led by a man named Kesten, who was quiet and seemed a bit dreary. He and three others are to serve as guards at the post, which is a welcome relief for us so we can focus on hunting down the thiefs and not worry as much about the outpost.

We then set back out almost as soon as we were done with business, going as far south as the edge of the forests there, before heading west and circling back to Oleg's. The day after our departure, when we reached the northern part of the forests, we encountered a group of kobolds! I was forced to stay in the cart while the others tried to defend them, because I wanted to pay them back for poor cousin Jiddlewhip, who was nearly killed when he stumbled into a pit trap lined with spikes that some kobolds had built. The sneaky buggers just aren't worth having as friends!

Of course, the stupid kobolds attacked almost immediately, proving me right. We killed one, and Uncle Colden hypnotized the other two with his magic, so we could tie them up and ask questions. I didn't really pay attention to what they said, but the stupid big people decided to let them go without even asking me. Now we're supposed to HELP the kobolds in some war they've got going with a bunch of mites. Both groups are pests, I say let them keep each other busy with their war and then wipe them both out. Ugh.

Anyway, I guess it's time for me to write about something that's been happening since we set out. A bunch of faeries, or nymphs, or other fey of some sort have been playing tricks on us. I thought they were pretty funny myself, especially how mad Kimber gets when they focus on him. Even Bee got pretty upset when the fey took a ring right off her finger and never gave it back. But Uncle Colden says that they are a nuisance and eventually we'll have to rid ourselves of them, if we want to be profitable. I certainly wouldn't mind learning a trick or two from them, but I'm going to keep my mouth shut about that.

Anyway, we were travelling a few days ago and the fey started playing pranks, when Kimber managed to spot the nests of some faerie dragons up in the trees. Of course, he hates all sorts of faeries, so he climbed up to hack them down, but when the branch was almost chopped through, the nest floated up and off to another tree! He called out, "Blasted faerie fools, you may run but I'll keep going after you until there are no more branches to nest on, unless you leave this area for ever!"

With that, the nests floated off, but I'm sure they'll be back. At least now I know exactly how much the fey irritate him. Every good trickster must no how far he can push his targets, after all.

The only other notable thing that happened is that we found a bunch of bear traps in one area. Not sure why, but we didn't see any bears. We went ahead and took them, but I don't think they're worth much. "That's no the point, the point is that they're there to be taken!" said Uncle Colden. "Think of it like a prank, my boy, and you'll be on your way to success," he says. I just listen to his advice, he's much smarter and wiser than I am, after all.

We're back at Olegs now, and we've only just met the newest arrival. His names' Jhod Kavken, and he's a cleric of Erastil. Erastil is about as far from a fun god as you can get, all he wants is to stay put, get married, and not do anything exciting. Jhod seems nice enough, though, so I'll wait to see how much I like him.

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