Tuesday, July 6, 2010

25Calistril, AR 4710

This journal is property of Hodgwick Elmut Lind Nackleger Fizzwi Gorben Aerojibble Dalfoodle Wagrip-Scheppest Zookman Jebtwiss Xyglminder Yoopagigigi Pilzig Roonbert Quignip Boddybuck Ipkuss Murai von Turbiddle Utmola Olffbert Klemji Coinfoot sr. If found, please return to #7 Rocky Way, in the village of Redwall, Rostland.

My Uncle Colden showed up today totally unannounced. He wanted to talk to my parents, and it was regarding me, he said. Now, I don't know much about my Uncle Colden, I only met him a year ago at my Aunt Keljmi Coinfoot's wedding, so I don't know what he could want to talk about regarding me.

He told me to go and buy a journal and he'd pay me back, said, "It's most important to keep track of your deeds. That way, later, when we're rich, we can sell the book, and get even richer!"

I didn't know that he knew that I was planning on getting rich, in fact, I don't think he could have known. In case the reader wasn't aware, I am going to be a powerful magician and am already a great leader and an enviable thief. I'm going to use my magic to take over this boring town, and plunder its riches, and when I'm done, I'll leave in the night, never to be heard from again! I'll rescue maidens and fend off monsters, and steal from dragons' hordes. Bah, what am I talking about, by the time anybody else reads this, those things will all have been done!

It's supper time, so I'll stop here and go find out what Uncle Colden came here for....

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